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AdWords Intelligence & Management Company would do for a business:

AdWords Intelligence & Management ServicesDescription
1. Keyword Research and OptimizationIdentify high-performing keywords and optimize ad campaigns.
2. Ad Copy Creation and TestingCraft compelling ad copy and conduct A/B tests for effectiveness.
3. Bid Management and OptimizationManage bids to maximize ROI and optimize campaign performance.
4. Landing Page OptimizationEnsure landing pages align with ad messaging and user experience.
5. Ad Campaign Setup and StructureSet up and structure campaigns for optimal performance.
6. Negative Keyword ManagementExclude irrelevant keywords to reduce ad spend wastage.
7. Ad Extensions ImplementationUse ad extensions to enhance ad visibility and click-through rates.
8. Quality Score ImprovementWork on factors that influence Quality Score for better ad placement.
9. Competitor AnalysisAnalyze competitors’ strategies and adjust campaigns accordingly.
10. Ad Budget AllocationAllocate budget strategically across campaigns and keywords.
11. Geographic TargetingTarget specific locations to reach the right audience.
12. Device and Platform TargetingOptimize ad delivery for different devices and platforms.
13. Ad Scheduling and TimingDetermine the best times to run ads for maximum impact.
14. Conversion Tracking SetupImplement tracking to measure and optimize conversion rates.
15. Remarketing CampaignsSet up remarketing campaigns to re-engage previous visitors.
16. Display and Video AdvertisingUtilize display and video ads for broader brand visibility.
17. Shopping Campaign ManagementManage product listings and optimize shopping ad campaigns.
18. Ad Position MonitoringMonitor and adjust ad positions to achieve optimal visibility.
19. Click Fraud PreventionImplement measures to prevent click fraud and protect budgets.
20. Ad Copy LocalizationAdapt ad copy for different languages and regions as needed.
21. Ad Creative RefreshKeep ad creatives fresh to maintain user engagement.
22. Data Analytics and ReportingProvide detailed insights and reports on campaign performance.
23. Budget and ROI AnalysisAnalyze budget allocation and ROI to optimize spending.
24. Compliance with PoliciesEnsure ad campaigns comply with AdWords policies and guidelines.
25. Continuous OptimizationContinuously refine strategies based on data and market changes.

An AdWords Intelligence & Management Company combines data analysis, strategic planning, and optimization techniques to maximize the effectiveness of Google AdWords campaigns for businesses.