Muliti-Location or Muliti-User support?

We can provide a turn-key solution to route calls by zip-code or state, as well as offer our CALL & DATA Integrated CRM & Appointment setting platform for easy integration saving time & operational strain. (Additional fees may apply for custom work)

How do you bill?

We are a SaaS platform that offers High Intent Calls based on your KEYWORD OR PHRASE at below market prices. We have several plans ranging from UNLIMITED YEARLY SPONSORSHIPS, EXCLUSIVE SPONSORSHIPS (monthly fee) with a 1 time set-up fee, to a pay per call biding engine for those who require more precise control of calls and budget. (Only Available if an exclusive sponsorship does not exist) GET STARTED

What is exclusive?

Our AI identifies your keyword as a trigger in our call tree or flow, or with in out network you will receive the call exclusively from the caller in realtime. LOCK-IN EXCLUSIVE KEYWORDS!

Where do the calls come from?

We have several brands and networks like 1-800-MEDIGAP that creates a high volume of calls from its 15 years of operation and its expanding UNIVERSAL HELPCARE line growing in popularity daily for those looking for a higher level of service. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF VANITY AND TECHNOLOGY NOW!

Can I sponsor my brand name as a keyword?

Yes, your brand name is included in any sponsorship package. Wso have BRAND NAME ONLY sponsorships available for those brands who want to leverage our technology and reach. TAKE THE FIRST STEP!

Can I have my own Keyword Calls platform?

We offer our keyword Calls technology as a SaaS for internal use as well as monetization options for those who qualify. START MY OWN KEYWORD CALLS PROGRAM! (Available for Highly Niche markets with volumes of 10k a month or more)

What is the optional success fee?

We do take strategic opportunities where we build a long-term success fee relationship so we are equally incentivized to scale together. DOES A JV MAKE SENSE?

How many Keywords can I sponsor?

Unlimited keyword sponsorships are available based on the ability of the sponsor to provide a HIGH LEVEL OF SERVICE to the caller. GET STARTED

Can I buy competitors keywords?

This is not allowed if it includes trademarks, brands or other marks that would prohibit it in the open market, but generic keywords that make sense for the user experience is allowed. SPONSOR HYPER PROFITABLE KEYWORDS NOW!

Can I use your VANITY BRANDS as part of my marketing strategy?

YES, we see a huge increase in advertising success when a well know vanity number is used. 

EXAMPLE: 1-800-MEDIGAP is used in a WEIGHT LOSS PPC Campaign on Google and received 13% more calls, and 9% more clicks for the same budget over time resulting in a 40% increase in profit thanks to the reduction in outbound calls & labor required! Lock-in MY BRAND NOW !

Are co-op’s or syndications available?

YES, we allow co-op’s, syndications where appropriate for qualified entities. 

Examples: Pharmacy Association may want to lock PHARMACY,PHARMACY NEAR ME and have the calls routed to their local participating pharmacy! The association would take full responsibility for the MASTER BILL but we can rout the calls based on ZIP CODE to the servicing pharmacy.

  Lock-in Co-op NOW !

Can we use your technology for our business?

YES, We have custom solutions allowing our predictive analytics, big data and technology stack to create new monetization streams as wells as optimize internal workflows to save time and money!

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We have a high volume number or VANITY BRAND, can we work together?

YES, We have a full-service team dedicated to making the most out of every Interaction. Our “Making Every Day Interactions Good As Possible” MEDIGAP model is duplicatable in several niches, and out technology is flexible to support multiple applications.

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Do you have a discount for Non-Profits?

YES, We have several Non-Profit opportunities including a $10k a month grant for those who qualify.    Join NOW !

This is amazing! I don’t want to miss out, can I invest?

TESTING THE WATERS DISCLAIMER: We are ‘testing the waters’ to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through the funding platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

Many are calling us a UNICORN! If that is the case, we are the geek version of unicorns 🙂 

We fully understand the KEYWORDS CALLS is really the answer to solve many world problems and it is probably way bigger than our current team so we are testing the waters for investment not to prove the market. WE ALREADY KNOW IT WORKS, and HAVE PROVEN IT over 50K times….but the AI HARDWARE, equipment, overhead and manpower to handle this at scale is in the millions. Not to mention hiring the right people to take it to that TOP 10 TECH COMPANY status like those ahead of us. 

GOOD NEWS: We are smart enough to know we will need help so we are laying the foundation for success and will take our time to do it right, as best we can! For now we are self-funding, and scaling using cash flow to scale as wee can but are putting together a list of those who would like the opportunity to participate if we so chose to.

If you are still reading this and would like to indicate interest please follow the following steps: CLICK HERE and in the KEYWORD BOX type UNICORNS and the amount you may have interest in investing, along with the word ACCREDITED INVESTOR or FAMILY OFFICE (You Know who you are).