Artificial Intelligence Voice

Artificial Intelligence
Voice Chatbot Case Study

High Intent Calls convert 33X better!

We have seen double digit increases in scale, with reduced operational strain, reduced labor and we have moved 20% of our labor force to support our AI efforts!

Real TIme High Intent Inboude Calls

Calls Convert 33X Better

It is no surprise that a call answered from a direct dial is beter than a web lead, hot transfer or our-bound call.


Reduced overhead making out-bound calls allows businesses to move labor or reduce work force to increase profitibility.

AI Retraining

Many companies are finding the retraining work forc for AI positions is providing to be very fruitful!

Happy Team

Internal team members increase profit, and our AI provides less out-bound call work and increased performance output making for a better work enviroment!


Leadership loves the new accountability and tracking created by AI. Robust reports for KPI management they have dreamed about but never had, make them very happy!


Our technology will build empires around niches for those who chose to be a part of the AI, Keyword Call revolution.