Artificial Intelligence Voice Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence
Voice Chatbot Case Study

High Intent Calls convert 13X better!

We have seen double digit increases in scale, with reduced operational strain, reduced labor and we have moved 20% of our labor force to support our AI efforts!

Real-Time High Intent Inbound Calls

Calls Convert 5X Better

It is no surprice that a call answered from a direct dial is beeter than a web lead, hot transfer or our-bound call.


Reduced overhead making out-bound calls allows businesses to move labor or reduce work force to increase profitibility.

AI Retraining

Many companies are finding the retraining work forc for AI positions is providing to be very fruitful!

Best Insurance Leads

Happy Team

Internal team members increase profit, and our AI provides less out-bound call work and increased performance output making for a better work enviroment!


Leadership loves the new accountability and tracking created by AI. Robust reports for KPI management they have dreamed about but never had, make them very happy!


Our technology will build empires around niches for those who chose to be a part of the AI, Keyword Call revolution. 

High Intent Keyword Leads 

Voice AI bots offer a wide range of applications across various industries and functions. Here’s a list of 100 ways to use voice AI bots:

Customer Service and Support:

  1. Virtual Customer Support Agents
  2. Call Routing and Automated Menus
  3. Self-service Account Management
  4. FAQ Answering
  5. Automated Ticket Creation
  6. Order Status and Tracking
  7. Technical Troubleshooting
  8. Billing Inquiries
  9. Warranty Information
  10. Product Returns and Exchanges

Sales and Marketing:

  1. Lead Qualification
  2. Sales Presentations
  3. Product Recommendations
  4. Appointment Scheduling
  5. Event Registrations
  6. Market Research Surveys
  7. Customer Feedback Collection
  8. Cold Calling
  9. Sales Follow-ups
  10. Abandoned Cart Recovery


  1. Symptom Checker and Health Advice
  2. Medication Reminders
  3. Health Insurance Information
  4. Appointment Booking with Healthcare Providers
  5. Prescription Refills
  6. Mental Health Support
  7. Medical History Access
  8. Postoperative Care Instructions
  9. Wellness and Fitness Coaching
  10. Telemedicine Consultations

Finance and Banking:

  1. Balance Inquiries
  2. Transaction History
  3. Fund Transfers
  4. Bill Payments
  5. Investment Portfolio Tracking
  6. Mortgage and Loan Information
  7. Stock Market Updates
  8. Credit Score Monitoring
  9. Fraud Detection Alerts
  10. Account Setup and Authentication


  1. Product Search and Recommendations
  2. Shopping Cart Management
  3. Order Tracking
  4. Return and Refund Processing
  5. Personalized Shopping Lists
  6. Loyalty Program Management
  7. Flash Sale Notifications
  8. Price Comparison
  9. Shipping Updates
  10. Virtual Personal Shoppers

Travel and Hospitality:

  1. Flight Booking and Confirmation
  2. Hotel Reservations and Check-ins
  3. Rental Car Bookings
  4. Travel Itinerary Updates
  5. Local Restaurant Recommendations
  6. Destination Information
  7. Currency Conversion
  8. Weather Updates
  9. Travel Insurance
  10. Visa and Passport Guidance


  1. Language Learning and Practice
  2. Homework Help
  3. Course Enrollment and Registration
  4. Tutoring and Test Prep
  5. Virtual Campus Tours
  6. Lecture Summaries
  7. Educational Games and Quizzes
  8. Career Counseling
  9. Library Resource Search
  10. Course Materials Access

Entertainment and Media:

  1. Music Recommendations and Playlists
  2. Movie and TV Show Suggestions
  3. News Updates and Summaries
  4. Interactive Storytelling
  5. Podcast Discovery and Playback
  6. Trivia and Quiz Games
  7. Celebrity Gossip
  8. Sports Scores and Updates
  9. Event Ticket Booking
  10. Personalized Content Feeds

Smart Home and IoT:

  1. Home Automation Control
  2. Appliance Status and Control
  3. Energy Usage Monitoring
  4. Security Camera Access
  5. Weather and Traffic Updates
  6. Grocery Shopping List Creation
  7. Recipe Suggestions
  8. Home Safety Tips
  9. Home Maintenance Reminders
  10. Emergency Alerts

Government and Public Services:

  1. Tax Information and Filing Assistance
  2. Public Transportation Schedules
  3. Voter Registration and Information
  4. Emergency Services Locator
  5. Passport and Visa Information
  6. Social Services Eligibility
  7. Public Health Advisories
  8. Job Search and Employment Assistance
  9. Legal Aid and Information
  10. Local Government Services Information

Insurance Leads

These examples demonstrate the versatility and potential of voice AI bots across various sectors and functions. Voice bots can enhance customer experiences, improve efficiency, and provide valuable assistance in a wide range of contexts.